Pink Himalayan Crystal Body Scrub

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Pink Himalayan Crystal Body Scrub.

Deeply exfoliate with pure pink Himalayan salt crystals in a nutrient-rich oil base scrub leaving your skin looking and feeling silky smooth, hydrated and enviously luminous.

Anti-bacterial properties of pure pink Himalayan crystals salts, naturally high in essential and non-essential minerals and with alkalizing properties can help clear dry and congested skin. Whilst the application can stimulate circulation and detoxification.

Pure and Certified Organic Macadamia, Avocado, Hazelnut and Jojoba oils rich in Omega-7 and 9 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, amino acids and high chlorophyll content can help soothe, moisturise and improve the tone and complexion of stretch marks, sun damaged skin and cellulite.

Pure Lemon Myrtle essential oil for an emotionally uplifting and intensive citrus experience.

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