Dear Samantha,

Thank you for your introduction to this wonderful product. I have tried many different things over

the years for the removal of pigmentation and this is working and in a short time. I can strongly

recommend this product –Corrective Omega-Rich Body Oil.

With Many Thanks,


(Mt. Gravatt, QLD)

Dear quite frankly natural,

I am what you call a “product junkie”. I have tried most high-end brands but get tired of the price and lack of results quite frankly. No pun intended.

I was very happy to stumble across your natural line of products which actually deliver results!

Recently I celebrated my 50th Birthday. My friends noted my skin is looking amazing and wanted to know my secret.

Usually, I give a product 3 months trial but the Facial Revitalising Night Intensive Treatment Oil for Dehydrated Skin was delivering within the first week.

I am now on my second bottle and know I have a winning product here.

I just love my bedtime ritual. From the moment I apply the oil, I am immediately transported to a moment of luxury and indulgence.

The fragrance of the natural oils is intoxicating and pleasing. After application, I feel like I have emerged from a day at the spa.

When I awake my skin is clear and I look refreshed even if my head isn’t. I have just started the Facial Revitalising Silver Perfecting Cream for Dehydrated skin and can already see an improvement in tone and moisture. My skin no longer looks dull.

Thanks so much “quite frankly”, I was dreading entering my Golden years but can now go forward knowing my skin is looking better than it did 10 years ago.

Truly love your products and can’t wait to try them all.

Thank you,

Alison Jack


(Sunshine Coast, QLD)

Samantha Marsh’s Quite Frankly Natural Skincare Products – are simply the best!

I think it’s important to know that Sam has Nutritional Medicine qualifications and has been researching and studying skin-care for many years, IT IS NO ACCIDENT THAT THESE PRODUCTS ARE SO INCREDIBLE.

I have one of those bodies that seems to react to things that others don’t. For example, I’m allergic to Insect Repellent and allergy tablets – BIG TIME!

My mature, combination skin was often dry and itchy in some areas with hormonal acne in others (and seemed to be getting worse).

Because of my job involving a fair bit of dehydrating flying, I was experimenting with whatever off-the-shelf products were available nearby–nothing seemed to help how uncomfortable it felt (some made it worse).

After years of outdoor activity and at times jobs that involved lots of dirt and water, my hands were starting to look like ‘old ladies’ hands and I have a fair bit of sun damage.

I moved West this year, where I am still getting used to the hot-dry wind that seems to constantly blow across this flat dry land, and I still LOVE the condition and comfort of my skin, and the compliments about how well I look, especially for my age!

The first few weeks here, I hated being outside (unusual for me) because it felt like I was going to turn to dust and disappear!

I’m not sure I will get used to the lack of moisture in the air, but at least I have the delicious Coconut & Citrus Body Oil for a post-shower treat and a pick-me-up.

I use the QFN Facial Balancing Night Intensive Treatment Oil, and the Balancing Colloidal Silver Face Cream.

The Facial Balancing Daily Foaming Cleanser does a great job of removing everything gently without irritating or blocking pores, my skin actually does feel clean as opposed to full of junk as it did after some cleansers.

The Pink Salt Scrub makes my hands feel pretty and it’s just a slightly longer hand-wash once or twice a week before bed.

I am wearing less makeup than I used to because I don’t want to hide my skin now. With 4 busy little step-kids, this is a great time-saver in the mornings when I’m trying to get out the door!

Thanks, Sam, there isn’t any time or money for massages, facials, or many other luxuries these days, but at least I can give myself a treat at home and feel confident that what I am doing is good for my skin, my confidence and my spirit!

Keep up the good work, you are awesome.

Rosemary Chapman

G.A.I.C.D B-Bus (Information Management) Grad Cert (Risk Management)


Dear QFN,

Having used quite frankly natural products for several months, the change I’ve noticed in my skin has been monumental! After suffering a quite serious accident that left me with a scar-the Corrective Omega-Rich Body Oil has faded the scar substantially over the last few weeks! Luxury & functionality-what more could a girl want? I

Sunaina Patel

BHlthSc (Nat) MHumNutr (Masters) Scientific Advisor, Pilates Instructor


Something has happened, even under my eyes! The way my skin feels… after just 1 use!

My temples always had small bumps, they are gone! Black heads are gone! Even skin tone after just 1 week of using my quite frankly natural products.

The Facial Balancing Night Intensive Treatment Oil is amazing!

I glow the morning after I’ve used it.


Company Director

(Port Melbourne, VIC)

Dear Samantha,

Your Facial Balancing Daily Foaming Cleanser is even better than I imagined, it’s like putting pure silk in liquid form on my face… Thank you!!!


(New Farm, QLD)

Dear Quite Frankly Natural,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the best Pure Mineral Makeup. My skin would always break out whenever I used any sort of makeup, foundation or other brands of so-called mineral makeup! I was about to give up on makeup completely and I just didn’t understand because mineral makeup is supposed to be “good” for your skin, everything I tried until now made my skin break out and made my pimples worse! Quite frankly, your makeup is exactly what you say it is… pure mineral makeup! It’s actually improved my skin and I’ve even slept in it, no breakouts! I love it!


(South Yarra, VIC)

Hey QFN!

Thanks for creating the BEST and cleanest makeup in such GORGEOUS packaging! I love using my TAN and my NAKED colours to create the latest contouring looks without the harsh chemicals!

Love from Brooklyn

Makeup Artist (Teneriffe, QLD)


Before and After one treatment using the 2 in 1 Hair & Scalp Treatment and Finishing Oil.

Dandruff vanished after one application. Very pleased with the results.

I strongly recommend this product for dandruff or scalp problems.

Mark Graham

(Gold Coast, QLD)

Dear Samantha,

I recently purchased the Coconut & Citrus Body Oil due to very dry skin and I have not found anything my body likes or absorbs.

I have to say this product is decadent and leaves my skin feeling supple and it actually glows.

Now if i can just keep my boyfriend away from it as he adores the scent.

Thanks Quite Frankly Natural.



Hi Samantha,
Following our quick phone conversation – I’d like to once again commend you on your beautiful products!  It is a real winner! Being a 40+ lady, with pigmentation and scarring from teenage years, I have really seen an improvement in my skin since using your products.  My pores are more refined, my skin texture is more supple and looking more nourished.  I am definitely recommending your products to Acne Prone skins and anyone who wants a top notch – value for money product!  Well done on a beautiful range!