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Giving $1 from every sale to life-changing projects

QFN Partners with i=Change

At QFN, we are more than just a company; we are a community of change-makers committed to making a difference in the world. Through our partnership with i=Change, we are proud to support these life-changing projects, embodying our dedication to compassion, empowerment, and positive transformation. Join us on our journey to change lives, one purchase at a time.

Clean the Sea

Through innovative technology like the Seabin Smart Tech, we're tackling the urgent crisis of plastic pollution in our oceans. This initiative focuses on removing floating plastics, filtering water, and combating the spread of micro-plastics, thereby protecting marine life and our health.

Provide Life Aid

Cancer Chicks offers invaluable support to young women battling cancer, providing a range of cost-free services. From emotional and practical support to navigational care, they ensure that no young woman faces this journey alone, offering a beacon of hope and community.

Support Her Recovery

Full Stop Australia stands at the forefront of addressing sexual, domestic, and family violence with trauma-specialist services. Offering free counselling and advocating for systemic change, they're committed to creating a safer, respectful society and supporting survivors' recovery.

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