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The ‘Natural’ Cosmeceutical Movement


What on earth is a ‘cosmeceutical?’ And can they be natural and toxin free?


Cosmeceuticals are a hybrid of a topical cosmetic product combined with medical-grade, bio-active ingredients to scientifically address skin concerns.


Whilst the word ‘cosmeceutical’ can be intimidating to those in the clean beauty world, the exciting news is that active ingredients CAN be natural and toxin-free. The solution lies in botanical chemistry.


We use our botanical actives to deliver you a formula packed with medical-grade natural ingredients which penetrate the skin’s epidermis and can help with targeting congestion, excess sebum, water loss, balancing good and bad bacteria and signs of ageing. That’s why our customers are seeing visible results.


QFN Bio-actives


There is a movement among beauty consumers towards quality over quantity. They are conscious, aware of what they are using on their bodies and ready to be refreshed by active formulas which provide great results within a simple range.


You can peruse our range of award-winning products here, but for now let us introduce some of our star products and their active ingredients:


  1. Facial Balancing Range (For Normal, Blemish Prone & Oily Skin) – Cleanser and Perfecting Cream
  • Non-comedogenic, high-potency oils including Argan, Rosehip and Jojoba, emulate the skin’s natural sebum with trans-dermal application and may help balance sebum production and improve the complexion of congested skin.
  • Bilberry extracts naturally contain potent anti-oxidants, AHAs and anthocyanins which may help promote collagen production, maintain elasticity and improve the appearance of damaged skin.
  • Certified organic pomegranate and cucumber with high anti-oxidant, anti-ageing, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cocoglucoside – even our foaming agent is natural. Derived from coconut sugar, this is the perfect base for customers to get the feel of a foaming cleanser they are used to with the active results of a natural formula.


  1. Facial Revitalising Range (For Normal, Mature & Dehydrated Skin) – Cleanser and Perfecting Cream
  • The Revitalising Range is known for its luxury, frankincense and Australian sandalwood for mature or dry skin, with potent anti-aging and healing properties.
  • 100% certified organic Kakadu plum extract is a potent source of vitamin C, providing a glow with rejuvenated skin elasticity reducing signs of ageing.
  • Saccharide Isomerate has been proven to reduce Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) by creating a layer of skin-identical and natural carbohydrate complex under the skins surface that promotes and strengthens skin barrier function. This helps lock in moisture for 72 hours, in comparison to regular moisturisers which just wash off. As this is a trans-dermal ingredient, it also acts as a carrier and helps to draw in all of the other beautiful plant oils, amino acids and anti-oxidants in this formula.
  • Certified organic Seaweed extract which naturally contains minerals, amino acids, Polyphenols, fatty acids and vitamins for super healthy and beautiful skin and replacing the need for chemical serums like hyaluronic acid.
  • Certified organic pomegranate and white tea with high anti-oxidant, anti-ageing, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Certified organic gotu kola may help maintain elasticity and improve the appearance of ageing and damaged skin through collagen production.


Both the Balancing and Revitalising ranges utilise:

  • Superfine white French clay and lactic acid with exfoliating, calming, decongesting and pore refining properties.
  • Pure Colloidal Silver water with strong hydrating and anti-bacterial properties. This also enhances the effectiveness of our natural preservatives in our formulas.


Adapting your skincare routine for cosmeceuticals


When implementing cosmeceuticals, you are using the functions of potent ingredients. Whilst there is no golden rule to introducing actives, we do have some important tips for effectively introducing cosmeceuticals into your long-term skin routine.


  1. Limit your products to a minimalist routine


Minimising your skincare routine is not a revolutionary concept.


When using cosmeceuticals there is a potential adjustment period for the individual’s skin, depending on your skin type.


We recommend limiting products to a Cleanser, Serum/oil, Moisturiser, Sunscreen and non-comedogenic Mineral Makeup. By reducing the number of steps in your routine, you can ensure the formulas are working to their maximum potential and decrease any chance of sensitivity.


  1. Introduce products from different ranges or brands slowly and patch-test first


Quite Frankly Natural Cleanser, Silver Perfecting Cream and Makeup are designed not to over-stimulate the skin or cause a ‘purge,’ when used in conjunction. They contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial calming actives.


Like any skincare routine, when introducing other brands or products, it is important to introduce those slowly and patch-test to monitor your tolerance and any changes in skin sensitivity based on your individual skin type.


Our gorgeous client Samantha Asha provides the perfect insight into her simple, routine line up of natural, cosmeceutical skincare in the image below:


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